Are You An Inclusive Leader?

Use this simple 5-question quiz to see how you can uplevel your leadership for 2021!

 There have been so many rich conversations over the last few months in communities and corporations around the U.S. about racism and white privilege – and our collective responsibility to address the racism that is happening ideologically, institutionally, interpersonally, and often, without us being aware, intrapersonally.

 Unfortunately, there are far fewer complementary conversations about the unique, often-unaddressed needs of LGBTQ employees – and the rising rates of suicide in the LGBTQ community.  This conversation gap gets even wider when we’re all separated and working from home.  

Are your leadership skills ready for the challenges of 2021? 

Are your leadership skills ready for 2021?

This simple 5-question quiz will help you and your team find the gaps in your inclusive leadership.  

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