ALP: Ask, Listen, Plan™

The Pride and Joy Foundation's signature Suicide Risk Awareness and Prevention program, ALP workshops are offered to LGBTQ
college-aged participants to empower them with the knowledge and skills to intervene for someone experiencing suicidal thoughts.

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Why are ALP workshops needed? 

Suicide is the second leading cause of death in college students. One in every five college students has considered suicide.

By providing training on the language and practices needed to navigate suicidal situations, we are empowering students to step in and potentially save a life that might have otherwise been lost.

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90 minute duration

During our time together, students learn significant suicide risk factors, questions they can ask, active listening skills, and planning framework to help themselves or their friends.


Role play scenarios

Students will be given the opportunity to practice and apply newly learned suicide prevention knowledge/resources to real life scenarios.


25 person limit

Due to the sensitive topic, workshops are capped so that if anyone is triggered and needs one-on-one assistance, it is possible to provide it.


Saving money and saving lives

No one can put a price on a human life but when comparing the $671 fee of conducting a workshop with the overall cost of a suicide attempt, it it clear that prevention measures are key.



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Looking for another way to contribute? 

If you're not an organization in need of an ALP workshop but still feel that suicide prevention in college aged students is a subject that is close to your heart, please consider donating. Every dollar goes to conducting events/workshops like these meant to create safe spaces and foster mental health awareness.