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3 Coming Of Age Stories To Make Your WLW Heart Happy

books lesbian Jun 15, 2020

Editor's Note: I met Sheena with The Lesbian Review when I did a podcast series with her "Ask a Conversion Therapy Survivor".  During the show, it became obvious that I had no idea there was an entire genre of literature based on women loving women.  (baby gay, right here).  I realized I was really missing out and I asked Sheena to give us a list of the best intro books.  I've finished one of these on the list and I've already started on my second.  I have to say, I rarely read fiction (self-growth junkie) but these fun books are so fun and so relaxing to dive into.  I am SO glad I found Sheena and The Lesbian Review.  


The Lesbian Review brings you a selection of 3 Coming Of Age Stories To Make Your WLW Heart Happy.


These are three novels that we enjoyed tremendously and recommend to readers who are looking for women loving women books.


Floodtide by Heather Rose Jones

 The streets are a perilous place for a young laundry maid dismissed without a character for indecent acts. Roz knew the end of the path for a country girl alone in the city of Rotenek. A desperate escape in the night brings her to the doorstep of Dominique the dressmaker and the hope of a second chance beyond what she could have imagined. Roz’s apprenticeship with the needle, under the patronage of the royal thaumaturgist, wasn’t supposed to include learning magic, but Celeste, the dressmaker’s daughter, draws Roz into the mysterious world of the charm-wives. When floodwaters and fever sweep through the lower city, Celeste’s magical charms could bring hope and healing to the forgotten poor of Rotenek, but only if Roz can claim the help of some unlikely allies.

 Set in the magical early 19th century world of Alpennia, Floodtide tells an independent tale that interweaves with the adventures.

 A Novel of Alpennia.

 This book is perfect for readers who love stories with intrigue that is set in a historical setting but with the fantasy element of magic. This is a story with a hint at romance.

 See the full review on The Lesbian Review here https://www.thelesbianreview.com/floodtide-heather-rose-jones/



Marriage of Unconvenience by Chelsea M. Cameron

 Lauren “Lo” Bowman is in a bit of a pickle. She needs money, like ASAP. She lost her job, the rent is due, and her car needs repairs. Problem is, the inheritance left to her by her old-fashioned Granny has one stipulation before she can collect: she has to be married.

 Let’s just say suitors (of any gender) are not knocking down her door. And then Cara Simms, her best friend from childhood that she’s recently reconnected with, pours her heart out and confesses that she needs money to pay for grad school. Lo has a completely brilliant idea: they should get hitched.

 Not married married. Like, fake married. All they have to do is play the part for the lawyers, get the money, and then get the marriage annulled. Easy as hell.

Well, it starts out that way, but being fake married feels a lot like being real married, and Lo is flipping out. She cannot be falling for her best friend. Can she?


This book is perfect for readers who want something sweet that will make you smile or even laugh. It is a romance.

 See the full review on The Lesbian Review here https://www.thelesbianreview.com/marriage-unconvenience-cameron/

Close Ups And Mess Ups by Natasha West

 Plunged into the deep-end at a top film school, wannabe movie-maker Allie Parker is determined to take time out from chasing the ladies and focus on film. But that’s not so easy when distractions abound. Distractions like sexy set-designer Ashley and sensitive screenwriter Cameron, turning Allie’s world upside down as she questions whether ambition and authenticity can ever go hand-in-hand.

 Can Allie keep the drama on the screen and out of her life? And in the high-pressure atmosphere of film school, can she hang on to who she is or will she mess everything up?

 From the author of 'Waiting for the Punchline' and ‘The Plus One’, 'Close Ups and Mess Ups' is about risking everything for what - and who - you love.

 This book is perfect for anyone who enjoys stories about finding out who you really are and learning that you cannot always trust the negative people in your life. This is a story with a side of romance.

 See the full review on The Lesbian Review here https://www.thelesbianreview.com/close-ups-mess-ups-natasha-west/



We hope you enjoyed our recommended reads. These three coming of age stories certainly made our wlw hearts swell a little.

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