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Pride and Joy Publishing wants your help in making the literary world a more inclusive space


Last year, Pride and Joy Publishing released its flagship publication, Thriving in Business: Strategies for the LGBTQ+ Entrepreneur. Within a week, the book hit #1 in Women in Business and #7 in Entrepreneurship. 


Although the titles and rankings are a good fit for many of the authors within the book, we quickly realized that there was something missing in the literary world. Although 6 out of the 14 authors in this book are either trans, non-binary or gender fluid, there was no existing category for them that perfectly fit the bill. Pride and Joy Publishing began digging into the titles/categories allotted and found that there were currently no “Nonbinary Authors” or “LGBTQ+ Business” categories in existence.  


Although this book is making waves in terms of visibility and direct guidance for LGBTQ+ business owners, the lack of these authorship categories is more than enough evidence that our literary and business worlds have plenty of room to grow. 


In partnership with GracePoint Publishing, Pride and Joy Publishing is currently petitioning the Library of Congress to establish these two new categories and give authors the visibility they deserve. 


We hope you’ll join us in petitioning to establish both a Non-binary Author and LGBTQ+ Business category. We’ve outlined the quick and easy steps to do so below: 

  1. Click here to go to the proper page to petition 
  2. Select “new heading” 
  3. Select “High-level section” labeled “Business & Economics” 
  4. Under “subheading requested”, type “LGBTQ+ Business” Repeat this process for non-binary.
  5. Paste in these 10 examples (or any other examples you might want to include yourself) 













6. In “Explanation of Suggestion”, paste the following: 


There does not seem to be a LOC category for LGBTQ+ Business books! We very strongly feel that this is a missing opportunity for book categories and is alienating a large portion of our global community. It is very difficult when putting a book up for sale to not be able to put it under the actual category it belongs to, the closest category we could find was Women in Business. 

Thank you so much for your time and for helping to increase the presence of all people in the literary world.

7. Enter your contact information and submit 

8. Repeat the process for “Nonbinary Authors” 

9. In “Explanation of Suggestion”, paste the following: 


 After recently publishing a book we realized that there does not seem to be a LOC category for non-binary books! I am unsure which heading this would be best under, although I do feel that it could fit in the one I am submitting for, biography and autobiography, as well as fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, education, comic and graphic novels, family and relationships, music, performing arts, poetry, psychology, reference, self-help, and perhaps many others as well! Thank you so much for your time and for helping to increase the presence of all people in the literary world.



And that's it! 


We appreciate the time and effort taken to help make this a reality not only for OUR authors but for all to come. 


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