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Emergence: Share Your Story!


October is just right around the corner, and with National Coming Out Day drawing near, we want to do something special for you.

As a foundation, our goal is to encourage and lift you up. So this October, we want to bring visibility and validity to every queer experience - we believe that all coming out journeys are valid and need to be shared. If you let us, we'd love to share yours with the world.

Whether you've JUST come out, are thinking about coming out or have been out for years, we want to share your story in whatever medium or form of expression comes most naturally to you.

Every story is different, some experiences are unexpectedly easy and some have unexpected and lasting consequences. Whatever your journey is like, it's definitely worth sharing and deserves to be in the spotlight.

That's why we organized Emergence, to celebrate the different coming out stories from the community and bring attention to queer experiences. Share your journey with us and if selected, we will share it with the world.

We use the word “story” loosely because stories are expressed differently and in a million different mediums. Whether you’re a writer, a videographer, an artist or anything in between, we want you to submit whatever expression is most meaningful and encapsulating for YOU. 


 Here's what you need to know about Emergence:

  • Five submissions will be chosen to bring visibility to queer experiences and presented at our upcoming online event on November 19th.
  • The deadline for submission is October 5th.
  • If your submission is written, we ask that it’s no more than 1,800 words.
  • All submissions need to be original work that has not been published anywhere outside of your personal media channels.
  • Your submission means you agree to let us promote your work on the designated day of the week in October. “Promotion” means on our blog, our social media channels, and our newsletter. 


You can send your entries via this link or email them to [email protected]. Make sure you give us your social media handles if you want the public to see more of your work.

Share your story now!


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