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Small Businesses that have GREAT Gifts for Your LGBTQ+ Loved Ones

The holidays are upon us, and wouldn't it be great to support some Queer-owned businesses and get holidays gifts for LGBTQ+ loved ones (or yourself!) all in one spot?!  I give you.....  The List.


  • Thriving in Business: Strategies for the LGBTQ+ Entrepreneur.  Perfect for any business-minded LGBTQ+ person and the people who love them.  Written by 14 successful LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, published by an all-queer publishing house, and the first of its kind. 
  • Faust.  A graphic novel series of the old tale with a new queer twist.  Queer author, illustrator, and $5 from every copy goes to Pride and Joy Foundation! 
  • For the Love: A self-discovery journal.  Written and signed by Pride and Joy founder, Elena Joy, this journal gives you prompts to discover parts of yourself you never knew were there.  A great book for parents and kids to go through together and discuss, or for adults to do on their own.  
  • Our Gay History in 50 States.  Use code P&JF2021 to get a discount as well as ask the author to sign for FREE. (don't pay for the upgrade)  This is a BOOK, like as big and heavy as a textbook.  The second it came in the door, my 13-year-old (out) daughter sat down and devoured it.  At 10 pm that night, she sent me a text.  "Why didn't I learn ANY of this in school?  I can't believe I never knew any of this!"  Now that's a Christmas gift.  And a portion of the proceeds goes to Pride and Joy.  
  • The Gay Agenda.  This is the very first recommendation I make to parents and caregivers (and all loved ones) to make sure they get a copy of it.  Useful for both baby gays and those that love them, it's part history book, part vocabulary and culture book.  Everyone needs a copy of this in their home.  I can't even tell you the number of times a friend of my kids has picked this up from my coffee table and hours later, they're still on my couch reading.  It's SO good.  The writers run a pretty amazing boutique as well.
  • Gay the Pray Away.  An incredible book by Reverend Erika Allison.  Does this sound like you? “This is it! I finally found the one! My true love!” But then, you’re disappointed, unfulfilled, and restless. Do you reluctantly stay and try to make it work, or painfully move on and keep looking? Perhaps you’ve even been accused of being a serial monogamist! At some point you wonder, “Is it them? Or could it actually be me?”  This is the book for you and $5 from each book sale is donated to Pride and Joy.  Also, Rev. Erika will sign it for you or your loved one! 

Unique gifts:

  • Check out 13PiratesCove for incredible, custom-painted shoes.  Your LGBTQ+ loved one has a passion, I promise.  Whether it's Marvel, witches, or anime, a custom-painted pair of shoes that shows them you listen and see them, is a home run.  Queer Owned.
  • Have you ever been to a gift shop that made you feel like you found your people?  That's Ladyfingers Press, in Colorado.  Queer-owned and incredibly well-curated, one of their best skills is putting together gift baskets for someone who came out recently.  Seriously call them and make it happen.  No regrets.  
  • Queer All Year candles by nonbinary self-love coach, Jenna Slaughter.  Each of the soy candles is hand-poured in small batches and ships from their home in Oregon.  
  • Trans Magic Puzzle by Rae Senarighi (award-winning, mindblowing artist) created this puzzle for families.  It's only available for purchase from A Room of One's Own, a queer and trans-owned, feminist bookstore in Wisconsin.  (no international shipping, I'm so sorry Canada.)


For couples 

  • February 18, 2022 - February 20, 2022 with Toni Bergins, MEd and Rev. Erika Allison.  Is there a better to affirm your loved one's sexuality and identity than to support their loving relationships?  There might be but I haven't found it yet.  AND the weekend takes place at a seaside campus in Big Sur, California.  (Anyone want to adopt me and give me this for Christmas?)

More coming soon....

Bookmark this page because we'll be adding more gift suggestions so that you can find the perfect gift for the LGBTQ+ person in your life that you want to shower with love, including yourself!


The mission of Pride and Joy Foundation is to reduce the rate of suicide and homelessness in the LGBTQ+ community.  That is achieved through amplifying queer voices, affirming queer youth, and supporting queer-owned businesses.  Shopping at these links does all three!  Thank you for all of your support!


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