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New Intern Announcement

We are so excited that Chelsea Chapman is joining our team, alongside Gopika Kalarikkal and Gabrielle Ackerman.  She will creating digital content for us, specifically designing teaser trailers for our "Conversations that Create Change" series.  I'll let her introduce herself to you.


Hey all, Chelsea here. 👋🏻  Uber stoked to join the Pride and Joy family!!


I am a marketing student (the second bachelor’s for me— I know I’m crazy for going back to college 🤓).  Before this, I taught elementary school for 6 years.  Loved it, but felt the call to change.  As much as change terrifies me (hello anxiety),  I am a firm believer in following your gut-or at least trying to.  I love board games and card games.  My family is currently playing Dungeons and Dragons, like the paper and pencil kind (Family time growing up was DnD or some other type of game).  I was born and raised in Northern Illinois, moved to Arizona middle of high school, moved to Utah for 9 months, moved back to Arizona, and now I am feeling the wanderlust to move to California.  Let’s just say the beach is my happy place (second happy place is the woods-family vacations growing up were camping).   🏝 🏕


A favorite quote of mine from W. H. Auden states, “We are here on earth to do good for others.  What the others are here for, I don’t know”.  I cannot think of any nobler good than of being an ally and raising voices of those that have been ostracized and marginalized.





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