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Rainbows and Spirituality

Uncategorized Apr 07, 2022

I can’t help but think about the moment Kalyela “Coach K” Josephs saw the big rainbow sign that said, God Loves All, from our recent podcast episode on Out of Queeriosity. I know a lot of us can relate to the struggle of wondering if queer and god can coexist like Kalyela mentions in our Queer on Purpose podcast episode.


Perhaps you have seen it. The anti-LGBTQ+ protesters at Pride, holding signs with bold letters condemning any act of homosexuality to a life burning in hell. They scream at people draped in rainbow flags, and all the colors of gender, identity and sexuality. Telling us god doesn’t love gays. This is traumatic. Behaviors and experiences such as this are enough to drive one mad and spiral into self-hatred, especially to those of us who may have grown up in a church of some sort. Can you imagine the shame of thinking God hates you for who you are? I know I can. The struggle of wondering if God still loves you is real. 


As Coach K shares her coming out story to her parents, and the internal battle of navigating her faith and her queerness, I couldn’t help but relate. What was so powerful from all of it was the journey: with herself, her parents and the god she knows. 


In 2021, we did an emergence series with guest bloggers, and I am also reminded about Debra Jo Borden’s post and how she grapples between religion and sexuality, but also gives a space for god, of whom Borden refers to as non-binary. Or how about Josh Miller’s post about his experience deconstructing his evangelical upbringing and the struggles it caused wondering if you are “good” or “bad”. 


If you a queer person of faith, know you are not alone and remember the sign from the Queer on Purpose podcast with Coach K, God Loves All. If you’re in search of an affirming church or spiritual group, please feel free to send Coach K a DM here. You can also check out your local LGBTQ+ centers for any resources they may have locally. 


Remember, there is space for faith in your queerness, and it is also OK if you do not want to have that in your journey. The point is, should you believe, God Loves All. You do not have to choose one or the other. And you can find a spiritual or faith-based community even if you are queer. In fact, Coach K can even help you out. Make sure to check out her website.



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