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Shameless Mom Academy - Ep. 595: Elena Joy on Living Out Loud

I recently met Elena through a coaching program we are both in and I immediately knew I wanted to ask her to come on the show.  She has an incredible story that she shares so generously.  And her message is of the utmost importance.

- Sara Dean


Pride and Joy Foundation founder, Elena Joy Thurston recently had a chat with Sara Dean on The Shameless Mom Academy podcast. In the episode entitled, 'Living Out Loud After Enduring Life-Threatening Conversion Therapy', Elena Joy shared her about coming out and ultimately owning her sexuality.

Listen in to hear Elena Joy talk to Sara Dean about: 

  1. Her journey through marriage in the Mormon church, to growing a family of 4 children, to realizing she had built a life that was not true to who she was

  2. Her experience of coming out as a lesbian as a Mormon mom of 4

  3. How Mormonism encouraged Elena to disconnect from her body

  4. How she was able to give up control over her body and actually step into her body

  5. How finding opportunities to be embodied led her to realizing her sexuality

  6. The fear of losing her children for eternity when coming out

  7. The experience of going to conversion therapy to “fix” her attraction to women

  8. The intense gaslighting and traumatization of conversion therapy that led her to suicidal thoughts

  9. How she was able to finally own her sexuality and move out of her home and marriage and into a new life as a gay woman

  10. Her advice and guidance to women who might be stuck in the closet

 Head on now to The Shameless Mom Academy website to listen to the episode!


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