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Are You Ready to UnHook?


Our mission here at the Pride and Joy Foundation is to increase self-awareness in LGBTQ families and the allies that love them. A key component of self-awareness is learning how to let go of other people's opinions and trust your intuition. So we bring you UnHook, a course to learn how to let go of judgment and learn to trust yourself.


Did you know that I'm a fly fisher? You can listen to how that happened in my TEDx Talk some other time. Fly fishing has taught me a lot about life and how to navigate it, when to stay on the shore, and when to wade in deep, how to focus and let everything else go, and most importantly, how to get off the hook.


Fish are caught when they mistake my fly for their food. We, as humans, are caught when we mistake opinions for important facts. That's how you and I get hooked. Now, a smart fish can shake their head just the right way, and pop, off they go, unhooked and free.


Smart humans, like you and I, can do the same thing. We can use the UnHooked concepts to avoid getting hooked in the first place. And then if we still get caught, we know exactly how to get unhooked.


In this unique class, we recognize that everyone learns and absorbs information in lots of different ways. That's why we've provided a variety of ways to learn, with video lessons, written transcripts of each lesson, writing prompts, inspirational quotes, and even meditation designed by the Pride and Joy Foundation, to help you tap into the depths of every concept.


After this class, you will feel more peace, more freedom, more fulfillment. You'll know yourself better, which means you'll like yourself better. And when other people's opinions come charging at you, believe me, you'll be ready.


Also remember that when you support the Pride and Joy Foundation, you're supporting LGBTQ families who are striving to build self-awareness and safety alongside the allies that love them. Your support provides workshop opportunities for kids, classes for parents, and an annual conference for them to experience together as a family.


Are you ready? Do you want to dangle on the hook of judgment? Or are you ready to unhook and experience freedom?


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