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Dating and Relationships in Quarantine for LGBTQ+

Picture this: You grab your drink from the bar (or coffee place or soda shop counter).  You turn around and do a visual sweep to find the rest of your group.  Instead of finding your friends, you lock eyes with a stunning stranger.  You start chatting and laughing and boom!  That moment turns into the rest of your lives together.  I know so many people dream of a whirlwind romance like this one.   Let’s be real, though. These situations are rare enough as it is, and even more rare for members of the LGBTQ+ community.  How do we know for sure if those stunning strangers are actually into us or just eyeing our cute outfits?  


Thus, the world of online dating began, and since more and more people are meeting on the Internet or apps anyway, why not continue to use technology to our benefit during quarantine?  Enter distance dating!   I am married, so this option is off the table for me, but I have to admit, as someone...

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