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The Cost of Conformity

The 1980s saw Michael Jackson's "Thriller" ruling the charts, TV viewership soared with the "MAS*H" finale, and high school sweethearts Dave and Cheryl did exactly what society expected them to do - get married, buy a house, and start having kids. 

The youngest of two I found myself constantly grappling with a sense of inadequacy. Not quite funny enough, not quite skinny enough, not quite successful enough... not quite enough.

Growing up in a world where conformity seemed essential, I yearned to fit in, imitating my older sister's hobbies and obsessing over pop idols like the New Kids on the Block. However, my pursuit of acceptance often fell short, leading to relentless bullying and a persistent feeling of being not quite right.

It wasn't until seventh grade that I experienced a pivotal moment that challenged societal norms. I met AJ, a confident tomboy who sparked an undeniable connection within me. AJ introduced me to a world I didn’t even know existed. I had never...

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Pride and Joy HEROs

donors heros lgbtq+ nonprofit Feb 10, 2023

We are incredibly grateful for our 2023 Pride and Joy HEROs. In November of 2022, the Pride and Joy Foundation launched our Giving TuesGAY campaign. We partnered with Chronicle Cinema to provide a special pre-release and private viewing of Conversion, a documentary about conversion therapy survivors, for our donors of any amount.

Part of our campaign included an option to be a 2023 Pride and Joy HERO as an official sponsor for all programming and events. 

Our theme for 2023 is YOUR Voice, YOUR Power. Thank you to Dr. Getrude Lyons, RENEWPR, and Jill Davis with Storytellers Porch for being our Pride and Joy HEROs in 2023. Because of YOUR Voices and YOUR Power, we are able to amplify OUR Voice and OUR Power. If you are curious about being a Pride and Joy HERO for 2024, make sure to check back in November for our Giving TuesGAY campaign


Dr. Gertrude Lyons

“Together, we can start a new conversation around modern motherhood.” -...

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Your Guide to Queer Pride

lgbtq+ pride Jun 13, 2022

Happy Pride month! Whether this is your first pride or your bazillionth plus one, we’ve got you covered for all things queer all month long. 

To begin, check out one of Pride and Joy’s Instagram followers, to_all_the_latter_day_gays. They posted daily suggestions for how to celebrate Pride. Although we are nearing the mid of Pride month, you can still join the fun! Click here to see some of their ideas on small things you can do to celebrate all month long.

Another great way to get plugged into your local queer scenes is to find your local gay chamber of commerce. Check out their website, and you can easily search by state and province to find the closest local gay chamber of commerce near you. 

Some of you may live in cities that have Pride parades and festivals in the month of June. Make sure to check your local pride festivities and be sure to stay hydrated in the hot sun of summer! If you are celebrating at a Pride festival this summer, let us know and tag...

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Bree Pear: I AM ONLY HUMAN - From Influencer to Global Community


The next speaker we are showcasing is Bree Pear, CEO of the clothing and social impact company Only Human. Often touted as a queer influencer that creates real impact, Bree is well-known for curating events, social content, and even clothing that drives the needle for social change. She's also an author in our book, Thriving in Business: Strategies for the LGBTQ+ Entrepreneur. Available at www.QueerBusinessBook.com and everywhere books are sold.

So let's Meet Bree, she’s a tech-nerd entrepreneur with a passion for humans and a drive to make waves in this world. In 2016 Bree founded Only Human—a platform for good that brings humans together for a deeper purpose. After hitting rock bottom in her own life she recognized that she had the power to change her narrative and use her skills to help bring others together. Bree truly believes that by building a community of like-minded humans willing to make changes in this world, we can create a ripple effect that's felt on...

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