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Tiny HeartsCan Acorn Project

Our second cohort of Keynote Queers begins today and we are excited to share with our Pride and Joy Foundation family about the successes of one of our Keynote Queer graduates, Amy E. Porter (she/they). After Keynote Queers, Amy has spoken to over 1000 medical professionals across the world and incorporated her own non-profit, Tiny HeartsCan Foundation, the only non-profit in North America dedicated to prenatal detection of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). 

We interviewed Amy to learn more about CHD, how Amy began Tiny HeartsCan, and about their upcoming fundraiser, the Acorn Project. Keep reading for important information around CHD awareness and advocacy. "One heart scan, so tiny hearts can."


Tiny HeartsCan Acorn Project Fundraiser

The Acorn Project fundraiser will launch on March 20, 2023. Acorn keychains will be given as a free gift for any single donation of $25 or more via e-transfer or donation on our website, www.tinyheartscan.org/donate...

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Pride and Joy HEROs

donors heros lgbtq+ nonprofit Feb 10, 2023

We are incredibly grateful for our 2023 Pride and Joy HEROs. In November of 2022, the Pride and Joy Foundation launched our Giving TuesGAY campaign. We partnered with Chronicle Cinema to provide a special pre-release and private viewing of Conversion, a documentary about conversion therapy survivors, for our donors of any amount.

Part of our campaign included an option to be a 2023 Pride and Joy HERO as an official sponsor for all programming and events. 

Our theme for 2023 is YOUR Voice, YOUR Power. Thank you to Dr. Getrude Lyons, RENEWPR, and Jill Davis with Storytellers Porch for being our Pride and Joy HEROs in 2023. Because of YOUR Voices and YOUR Power, we are able to amplify OUR Voice and OUR Power. If you are curious about being a Pride and Joy HERO for 2024, make sure to check back in November for our Giving TuesGAY campaign


Dr. Gertrude Lyons

“Together, we can start a new conversation around modern motherhood.” -...

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