National Coming Out Day is on October 11th, 2021 and we want to celebrate with you! We want to give you the platform to share your coming-out journey and inspire other people with your story.

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Every coming out journey is nuanced, unique and continuous.


Some experiences are unexpectedly easy and some have unexpected and lasting consequences.


Maybe it took decades, but you finally came out to yourself.


Maybe you’ve had to come out to your kids, your boss or your coworkers.


Maybe you are entering a new workplace, a new school setting or a new relationship and you’re ready to assert your pronouns.


We want to bring visibility and validity to ALL of the coming-out journeys. Share your journey with us and if selected, we will share it with the world. Five submissions will be chosen to bring visibility to queer experiences. 


We use the word “story” loosely because stories are expressed differently and in a million different mediums. Whether you’re a writer, a videographer, an artist or anything in between, we want you to submit whatever expression is most meaningful and encapsulating for YOU.



Submit via form below or email to [email protected]. Your submission means you agree to let us promote your work on the designated day of the week in October.  “Promotion” means on our blog, our social media channels, and in our email newsletter.