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suicide & homelessness in the LGBTQ+ community.

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Our mission and vision

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Our mission is to prevent suicide and homelessness in the LGBTQ+ community.  We do that in two ways:

  1. We empower parents of LGBTQ+ youth to ensure the success of our next generation of LGBTQ+ leaders.
  2. We provide ways to increase LGBTQ+ visibility and success through publishing and speaking.

Our vision is for every LGBTQ+ individual to be heard, housed, and mentally healthy.

Make our vision a reality!

After an entire lifetime of not feeling heard by family and everyone else around me that my feelings/relationships/experiences are not important or legitimate, it's pretty empowering and totally wild that I'm being PAID for people to listen to me speak.

- Amy P., Keynote Queers program alum

The thing I love most about this film, is that even though it's raw and intense, it's also very hopeful and beautifully validating for our entire community.  Viewing it is a pivotal experience for every audience member.

- Elena Joy, featured survivor

Attending Pride & Joy Parents events has been pivotal in my relationship with my LGBTQ+ teen.  I've learned how to move from ally to advocate.  I've also felt less alone in this journey.  Living in a rural area, the virtual format works perfectly for me.

- Anonymous Pride and Joy Parent