What if writing your book felt like an eventuality instead of a dream?

You’ve always wanted to write a book — to get your story out into the world. You dream of seeing your name on the cover, of running to the mailbox to tear open the package and hold the first copy in your hands. 


You can almost feel it — the joy, the sense of accomplishment, the thrill of knowing you’re making a difference in the LGBTQ+ community.

But then the self-doubt starts to creep in…

😟 Writing a book is hard, and it takes soooo long. I don’t want to waste my time…

😟 I’ve tried writing my book before, but I kept getting stuck…

😟 No one wants to hear what I have to say…

😟 Publishers aren’t interested in LGBTQ+ books…

😟 I don’t even know where to start…

But writing a book seems so complicated and time-consuming. And you have no idea how to navigate the world of publishing. You’ve got so many questions, and you just don’t know where to start…

 β“ Do I outline first or just start writing?

 β“ Do I self-publish?

 β“ Do I need an agent?

 β“ How do I even begin to write a book proposal?

 β“ What should I do to make sure my book will actually sell?

If only you had a blueprint, some sort of formula for writing and publishing your book so you wouldn’t waste your valuable time. 

So you’d really finish it. 

So you’d see your story in print — for real.


Introducing OUTWrite Authors

The 6-week small group intensive program for LGBTQ+ authors-to-be that not only walks you through how to write a book, but helps you build an actionable plan to get it published!


βœ” Knowing exactly what to do each time you sit down to write — no more decision fatigue

βœ” Cutting through the confusion and doubt with an actionable plan to write and publish your book

βœ” Connecting with a supportive community of LGBTQ+ writers who cheer each other on

βœ” Feeling the pride and sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing your book in print

βœ” Knowing your story is making an impact on other members of the LGBTQ+ community

βœ” Using your story to bring visibility to the queer community, and giving courage and support to those still in the closet


OUTWrite Authors is not a course on writing technique. It’s the launching pad to finally getting your book out of your head and into the hands of those who need it.


 In just 6 weeks you’ll develop a completion strategy that leads directly into creating the book proposal required for publishing your non-fiction memoir or self-help book.


When you join OUTWrite Authors you get:

Weekly LIVE instructor calls where you can receive personalized feedback

An easy-to-follow curriculum that walks you through the writing and publishing process

A private LGBTQ+ only community who will support you cheer you on

Actionable assignments that will move the needle towards getting your book published

The pathway to creating your own personal blueprint outlining your unique strategy to both write your book, and get it published




Here’s how it all breaks down… 

Week One: Your Why, and Your Point

Week 1 is about tapping into WHY you want to write this book and WHAT you have come to the page to say are the first and most critical questions on your book writing journey.

Week Two: Your Genre, Title, and Comparable Titles

Week 2 is all about thinking of your book on a bookshelf. Would you find it in a bookstore? What other books would be near it? What titles would grab your reader?

Week Three: Ideal Readers and Jacket Copy

Week 3 is when we focus on who SPECIFICALLY is going to read your book and what kind of copy will grab them? Vague or broad descriptions won't cut it.

Week Four: Nonfiction Book Structures

Week 4: You've got your idea or your story. Now how are you going to structure your content?

Week Five: Outline Your Book 

Week 5 is when we forget everything you learned in the past about outlining and put these powerful new outlining tools to work.

Week Six: Publication Path, Author Platform, and Next Steps

Week 6 is so exciting!  We choose a publication path, get clear on how you will reach your readers, and create a next steps plan to get your book written and out into the world.

Ready to tell your story?


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Suzette Mullen

Suzette Mullen is an author, retreat leader, and certified book coach who helps LGBTQ+ nonfiction writers start and finish books they will be proud to share with the world.
From a young age, Suzette has been passionate about standing up for what she believes is right. In 2019, she brought her passion for justice to her new hometown of Lancaster PA when she co-founded The Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition.
And all along, she's loved playing with words. Her college besties dubbed her God’s Editor, since she couldn’t help seeing typos everywhere—and pointing them out. She served as an editor at The Harvard Women’s Law Journal and taught legal writing at Harvard Law School. More recently she upleveled her book coaching expertise by becoming certified with Author Accelerator, the country's premier book coaching certification program and community.


Today she is committed to helping LGBTQ+ people write stories that will lift up readers who feel alone, hopeless, powerless, or “othered. Not too long ago, she was one of those readers when faced with the biggest crisis of her life—coming to terms with her sexuality and trying to decide what to do about her marriage. Suzette's mission is to use her gifts and passion for justice to help birth LGTBQ+ stories that bring light and hope to those in darkness. And maybe, just maybe, change hearts and minds, one story at a time, in the process.


Suzette is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Wellesley College, and also holds a certificate in spiritual formation from Columbia Theological Seminary. The proud mom of two adult sons, she is loving this chapter of life with her wife Wendy and their rescue pup Lucy—and is forever grateful the universe nudged her to take a detour five years ago to Central Pennsylvania where she's been embraced with open arms by friends of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations.
Learn more about Suzette and her book coaching at https://www.yourstoryfinder.com/.

Elena Joy Thurston

Elena Joy Thurston is an inspirational LGBTQ+ speaker, trainer, and founder of the nonprofit Pride and Joy Foundation. A Mormon mom of four who lost her marriage, her church, and her community when she came out as a lesbian, Elena’s viral TEDx talk on surviving conversion therapy has been viewed 45,000+ times and landed her media and speaking opportunities with ABC, CBS, Logitech, Michael’s, and more. 

Elena Joy recently launched Pride and Joy Publishing, the only publisher of solely LGBTQ+ empowerment and business books.  Their first book, Thriving in Business: Strategies for the LGBTQ+ Entrepreneur, hit #1 in LGBTQ+ Studies its first week out, along with #3 in Women in Business.


You have questions…


The world needs to hear your story.

Your time is now.

Publishing your book isn’t impossible. You just need guidance, support, and a plan. Sign up for our next cohort below. 

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