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Dean Rasmussen: Live Your Truth to Find Your Life Worth Living

Season #1

The next speaker from our Pride and Joy Summit from May 2021, is Dean Rasmussen.  Dean is a transman, hailing from Canada, and was on our planning committee for the Summit.  Dean was in charge of our Gender Identity track, which was a powerful experience for everyone involved.  When Dean agreed to also speak for his track, I was overjoyed.  Because in the months we had been working together to create this Summit, I had learned what an incredible human he is.

Dean is a fellow conversion therapy survivor.  He is a parent and a husband, as well as a trans life coach.  In our planning meetings, Dean was never the loudest or the most boisterous.  Dean never shoved his way into the spotlight, and even giving this talk was one of the more challenging things he’s done.  Visibility is not easy for every queer person.  

Yet, Dean had this calm, quiet authority.  Dean has LIVED a lot of life.  His wisdom, his clarity on sticky situations, was a guiding force as we planned this huge international event for the first time.  As you’ll hear in his talk, Dean has done the WORK, within himself and within his family to create the life he’s always deserved.  

Now, Dean’s talk ends in a beautiful way and here in this podcast, we aren’t typically including the Q&A with the audience, that happened after the talks.  However, someone asked a question about being authentic as a trans person with your children.  And I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share his earned wisdom with you our listener.  So you’ll notice that at the end.


Huge thanks to Dean, not only for sharing his story but also for being an integral part of the success of our Summit.  Dean’s story is so unique and yet universal.  So many of us made commitments and decisions in our early 20s before we even really knew who we were.  So many of us have had multiple coming-outs, between sexual orientation, gender identity, and for some like our previous episode, neurodiversity.  I consider Dean like a guiding light.  Someone who forged their own path through the darkness of internalized homophobia and transphobia and is now waiting on the other side, light held high and bright for us to see, and waiting to welcome us home.  

 Thank you dear listener for joining us on this journey.  This episode is brought to you by Outwrite Authors, the six-week intensive “how to publish your nonfiction book” class, offered by Pride and Joy Foundation.  Registration is open till the end of February 2022.  Visit www.OutWriteAuthors.com.

 If someone came to mind as you were listening, that would also enjoy hearing from Dean, will you share this episode with them? 

 I appreciate you, fam.  Be good to yourselves.  

Dean's website: https://everydayanomalycoaching.ca/

and on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/everydayanomalycoaching/


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