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Ursula Benward: Identity Informs Reality

Season #1

Hey fam! I am so excited to introduce you to our next guest, Ursula Benward. She has been a counselor for almost 20 years now and uses her lived experience as a queer, Native woman with ADHD, OCD, trauma, and neurodivergence to inform her practice. She is originally from the Navajo Nation.

Speaking with Ursula was one of those experiences that simultaneously felt new and inspiring, while also feeling at home. I grew up with the Navajo Nation in my backyard and took for granted the many friendships and memories I have from there. Chatting with Ursula felt completely new, as every conversation I have with another out lesbian, because that’s where I am in my journey still.

But as she talked, vivid memories from years ago came back to me in a way I wasn’t expecting. It’s amazing how the way I didn’t understand myself colors so many memories. Ursula has had the most amazing career, in the mental health field. From being the child therapist on a remote Native reservation to teaching families resilience skills, to manning a crisis line, to present-day being in private practice. And as we love to hear, along the way to professional success and fulfillment, she found love too.

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