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Pride & Joy Parents: Preparing for Pride 2023!

Season #2

The replay of our live panel with Junior Mintt, Rae McDaniel, Kaleyla Josephs, Elena Joy, and Sara Dean. A fundraiser for the Pride & Joy Foundation, this event supported parents and loved ones of LGBTQ+ youth in learning how to increase well-being and safety in preparation for Pride 2023.

Happening May 16, 2023, on Zoom, this was a collaboration with Shameless Mom Academy.  Sara Dean created this long-running podcast and large community over the past decade.  She has a curated audience of 10,000+ parents who are motivated to learn new skills including anti-racism and authentic LGBTQ+ allyship.  She is inviting her audience and will be the panel moderator.  

On the panel is Junior Mintt (she/her) who is a “Black Transwoman, Drag Preacher, and Businesswoman”, as well as Kalyela Josephs (they/she), a “Queer Spiritual coach” whose work has focused on helping families of color understanding how to integrate LGBTQ+ culture into their family culture.  Also on the panel is author Rae McDaniel (they/them) who is about to launch their groundbreaking book, “Gender Magic”.  They are also a licensed therapist in Illinois, supporting individuals and families with gender transition.  Rounding out our panel of experts is Elena Joy (she/her), an ExMormon mom of four kids who spent decades as a stay-at-home suburban minivan mom and is now the loudest lesbian on the block. She is also featured in the award-winning documentary “CONVERSION”, has a viral TEDx talk, and is now the volunteer Executive Director of Pride and Joy Foundation. 

Join other parents and loving adults of LGBTQ+ youth and learn how to make this Pride Month the best ever, while showing your allyship and love all year round. We create a safe space for us all to learn and ask all those awkward questions. 


Here are the Pride and Joy Links

Native Land: https://native-land.ca/

Leaders for Inclusive Change: https://www.prideandjoyfoundation.com/lic-registration

Pride and Joy Parents (General Interest) https://www.prideandjoyfoundation.com/parent-connection

Pride and Joy Heroes - https://www.prideandjoyfoundation.com/blog/pride-and-joy-heros

Gamma Mu Foundation (scholarships!) - https://gammamufoundation.org/


Junior Mintt

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juniormintt/

Mintty Makeup: https://minttymakeup.com/

PJF Blog Post: https://www.prideandjoyfoundation.com/blog/minttyfresh


Rae McDaniel

Website: https://rae-mcdaniel.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/theraemcdaniel/

Gender Magic (Open for Pre-Orders): https://www.gendermagic.com/

PJF Blog Post: https://www.prideandjoyfoundation.com/blog/gender-magic


Kalyela Josephs

Website: https://kalyelaj.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/queeronpurpose/

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kalyelajosephs

PJF Blog Post: https://www.prideandjoyfoundation.com/blog/on-purpose


Elena Joy

Pride and Joy Foundation: https://www.prideandjoyfoundation.com/

Website: https://www.elenajoyexperience.com/

Conversion Movie: https://www.conversionmovie.com/

PJF Blog Post: https://www.prideandjoyfoundation.com/blog/visibility-is-life


Sara Dean

Website: https://shamelessmom.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/shamelessmomacademy/


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