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Suzette Mullen: The Only Way Through is Out

Season #3

Suzette Mullen (she/her) is a memoir and nonfiction book coach, retreat leader, and the author of the memoir The Only Way Through Is Out, forthcoming February 13, 2024, from the University of Wisconsin Press. Her publications include a tiny love story in the New York Times and The Subaru Should Have Been a Sign, an essay that went viral on today.com.  As a book coach, Suzette builds safe and supportive communities for queer writers where she helps them find their deeper stories and big ideas, choose the structures that serve those stories and ideas, sort through their publication options, find agent representation, and land book deals.

I had this experience of recognizing my sexuality later in life. And the question for me was, how did I not know this before? How did I get to this place? And then how did I get to a place where it was so difficult for me to make a decision about or take action on what I knew to be true for myself?

I had a lovely life and I have no regrets about that lovely life I led. And I have two sons who I have a great relationship with. I have an ex-husband who I'm still friendly with. I had a whole life before. I feel very grateful that I am now stepping into Suzette 2.0, and it is a very different life. It is a life that feels more alive for me. I feel more aligned with everything.

We talk about how visibility matters. And I'm sharing a story of somebody who came out later in life, came out in her fifties, is stepping into a vibrant professional career in, in her fifties and now into my sixties. And hopefully it's going to resonate with some people out there.

I didn't just make a huge change in my personal life. I did that first and then the professional possibilities and really stepping into the work I was meant to do — just to write stories and to help guide other writers and in their storytelling. I mean I love, love my work.


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