"Elena was a dynamic and engaging presenter.  Not only is she insightful, she is also fun!"  - Terina M., THRIVE Conference, February 2020.

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Keynotes & Workshops

"A Tribe of One"

  • Elena Joy's game-changer talk discusses her history with living life as a straight, Mormon mom and realizing she was gay at age 37.
  • This talk discusses how the need to belong can be damaging and how we can turn that into belonging to ourselves. 
  • The universal themes of resilience, coming home to ourselves, and triumph make this a successful talk for any audience.


"Life 2.0: How to Love your New Normal"

  • This talk/workshop is all about navigating life transitions.  Whether you're a new college grad, a new business owner, or a new empty nester, we're all going through transitions.
  • Making difficult life choices during a time of transition can be scary.  Learn tricks to make sure those decisions are as supportive of your life as possible. 

"Inclusion at Work"

  • Your personal boardroom and what's lurking in the corner
  • Understanding the other side
  • Best & Worst ways to respond when a co-worker comes out to you  

"Emotional Intelligence for Normies"

  • This talk/workshop helps break down what Emotional Intelligence is, how it can benefit our lives, and how to integrate it on a day-to-day level.
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"Elena was the perfect speaker for our event!

She was incredibly easy to work with, open to collaborating on ideas and the flow of the evening, and the execution went so smoothly.  The talk itself was fantastic, and left our attendees engaged and moved.  Elena spoke from the heart, was relatable, and down to earth, and ventured into sensitive territory that many people aren't brave enough to discuss.

She was kind enough to do a Q+A (many had questions) and mingle with our guests until the very end.  

Her voice, story, and message are so necessary, and I hope that she reaches as many people as possible around the world.

I would highly recommend Elena to anyone looking for a unique, personable, inspiring speaker."  -Bridget S., Seacoast Wellness Series, January 2020

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