affirming their voice,

protecting their mental health

learn about the role that voice plays in mental health for LGBTQ+ youth

 Pride & Joy Parents welcome Nicole Gress, CEO of Undead Voice

Tuesday, September 19 live online

4 pm PST/5 pm MST/6 pm CST/7 pm EST

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join other parents, grandparents, and teachers of LGBTQ+ youth

Pride & Joy Parents gather quarterly to learn from LGBTQ+ subject matter experts the tips and tricks to raising a healthy and happy LGBTQ+ child.

  • As parents of gender-nonconforming (GNC) youth, we spend a lot of time focused on helping our children feel authentic in their body.
  • A vital piece that is often forgotten is creating ways for their voice to also be authentic to their identity.
  • Affirming voice methods can have immediate effects on mental wellbeing while being totally non-invastive.

Join us to learn about some of the methods learned in Undead Voice Lab as well as get your questions answered directly from the expert, Nicole Gress!



Nicole Gress, CEO of Undead Voice Lab

Nicole will be ready to to answer all of your questions around accessing your trans and non-binary child's affirming voice without the use of drugs or even needing insurance.

hi, I’m Nicole (she/they).


I started working in trans voice as a speech-language pathologist living in San Francisco. After a few years working at a private practice and a hospital, I started to feel pretty frustrated. I noticed that a lot of my trans clients either ran out of motivation, money, or insurance coverage before finding their voice. The techniques that I was taught weren’t working, and I didn't have the freedom to explore new approaches while still working in a traditional medical setting. So I decided to quit my jobs and create a space where I could do things differently.

To be accessible to everyone, I moved my business online and demedicalized it so that I could help people transition their voices without waiting months on a waiting list, or convincing their doctor for a referral. I set out to make voice transition faster, easier, and affordable. To start, I asked a single question:

why don’t traditional methods work? 

In 2020 I met with over 500 trans folx to discover why people like Claire and Evelyn struggled to transition their voice with traditional methods. I learned that even if you have an unlimited budget, all the time in the world, and practice everyday, you will still struggle to find a clear guide with easy to understand techniques to transition your voice. If this sounds like your story too, let me be clear…

you aren’t failing. the institution is failing you and your child. 

Traditional methods taught by speech therapists don’t work because they were designed for those with voice disorders - not someone transitioning their voice. The research behind traditional methods is conducted on an entirely unrelated control group. Bad input equals bad output. These methods are inherently pathologizing, stereotyping, and ultimately ineffective. Your gender diverse voice isn’t a disorder that needs curing. 

trans folx deserve evidence-based techniques that work. 

I decided to abandon what I was taught as a speech-pathologist and start over. I spent 6 months studying different singing techniques, speaking strategies, voice acting methods, and countless other alternative approaches. Sought out the world’s only trans researcher studying voice transition within the community, Lily Clifford. Immersed myself in the online world of Reddit and Discord to learn what trans people were already doing to alter their voices that worked, and through my personal gender exploration, transitioned my own voice as well. 

With a whole new lens, I developed the first ever full voice transition curriculum made of brand new techniques and approaches based in science and proven through lived experience.

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parents of trans, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming youth

we can protect our children's mental health through their AUTHENTIC VOICE

Join Pride & Joy Parents as we learn one of the safest ways for gender non-conforming youth to affirm their identity: their voice. 

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We, the parents, grandparents, teachers, and other adult loved ones of LGBTQ+ youth need support. We need each other to raise the most incredible generation of LGBTQ+ leaders yet!

Pride & Joy Foundation began in April of 2020 when the pandemic shut down LGBTQ+ resource centers around the country.  Simultaneously families were trapped together and some things changed forever.  Like a child telling their parents they are decidedly different from the rest of the family in a pretty specific way. 

Knowing how alone and unsupported so many parents were feeling, we started Pride & Joy Parents as a way for us to come together and learn from each other, as well as from subject matter experts who also have the lived experience of being part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Every quarter we gather in a zoom room to draw strength from one another, ask the awkward questions in a judgment-free zone, and to see a bright beautiful future for our children.  

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Getting direct access to a resource like Nicole of Undead Voice is a HUGE opportunity for parents of gender non-conforming youth. 

Bring your questions!

p.s. if you're an LGBTQ+ adult who would love to learn more about Nicole's work and finding your affirming voice, hop in here. we're not gatekeeping this info, yo. 


Learn more about Nicole and Undead Voice by clicking here.