Parenting Ain't Easy

Parenting is already the hardest job in the world, and when you add sexuality and gender identity to the mix, it gets even more challenging.

Whether your child is just beginning to question things or is ready to buy every rainbow they see, we are here to provide connection and support.  Without judgment.  

'Cause parenting is hard enough without being judged by other parents.  We see you and we need you.  

 Upcoming Meetings:

 Our last event of 2023 will take place in November. "Everything I wish I knew when my kid came out to me"

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 Past Meetings:

September 19: The Impact of Affirming Voice on Mental Health. (no public replay available yet) 

May 2023: Parents Preparing for Pride - learn from a panel of experts how to use Pride Month to increase allyship in your community, including rural areas. (listen to the replay via our podcast here

Feb 2023: Healthy Relationships for our LGBTQ+ Teens (listen to the replay via our podcast here)


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Parent Resources on the Blog

The Pride and Joy Foundation hosts LGBTQ+ experts from around the world to empower our parents with the knowledge and skills required to be the advocate their children need them to be.

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Leaders for Inclusive Change

For parents, grandparents, educators, and all adult loved ones, this online DIY class is taught be two trans school teachers. The goal is to empower you with the information you need to hold safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth in your community.  Learn vocabulary, history, modern context, and more.  Resources include direct video instruction, videos, resource articles, and an incredible workbook. 

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Out of Queeriosity podcast

Bringing you both parenting experts and LGBTQ+ movers and shakers, our podcast is an excellent resource to get so many questions answered.

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