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Kalyela Josephs: Queer on Purpose

Season #1

Hey fam! I am so excited to introduce you to our next highlighted speaker from the Pride and Joy Summit, Kalyela Josephs, also known as "Coach K". Kalyela “Coach K” Josephs is an Inspirational Speaker and certified Life and Performance Coach who uses holistic strategies to improve the well-being of others. Her tried and true formula of human energy management, resilience, and life’s purpose has helped over a thousand professionals reach their highest performance. She empowers others to use life’s challenges as a catalyst for growth. Coach K taps into her internal strengths of inspiration, empathy, and sense of humor to relate to individuals, leaning into her own authenticity to guide them to a place of confidence within their personal and professional lives. The ambitious, purpose-driven, ball of high energy, barrels through life’s barriers alongside of her clients, sharing her personal testimony of triumphs while thriving in her individuality.

On a personal note, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kalyela in person and working with her in Pride and Joy Foundation as a co-facilitator in our suicide prevention workshops. You know how some people just have an energy that lets you breath deep, let your hair down, and enjoy being your true self around them? That’s totally Coach K. We met for what was supposed to be a quick dinner while I was in her hometown for a speaking gig. Four hours later, we were shutting the place down because we just could not stop laughing and talking. I tell you what, after being so isolated for two years, that dinner with Kalyela filled my soul! And I wanted to give you a taste of that so I give you, Kalyela Josephs in today's episode.

Coach K shares her soul with us in this journey of coming out, reconciling with parents, and finding ways where queerness and God can co-exist.

Kalyela taught us about how we are queer on purpose, this isn't a mistake. This isn't an anomaly. This isn't just different from mainstream society. And we need to deal with all the ramifications of that. I was made queer on purpose, I am queer on purpose. And there is power in that. Every time I access my queerness in non authentic and beautiful ways, incredible wisdom comes forth. I am so appreciative of that. And so grateful for people like Coach K, who helped me see that within me when I can't see it myself.

I'd love to hear from you on how this talk affected you and what you thought of it. And what do you think? Are you queer on purpose? Are your loved ones queer on purpose? I'm so interested so get in that blog post or in that social media post tag me and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoyed Coach K's story about being Queer on Purpose. 

If you want more from Coach K, check out her website here and make sure to follow her on Instagram!


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