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About Us

The Pride and Joy Foundation is dedicated to building self-awareness and safety in LGBTQ families and their allies.

The idea was born from a realization that we have many traumatized LGBTQ adults in our society, damaged from childhood experiences, societal experiences, and the like. 

These deep-feeling, compassionate adults are now productive members of society and trying to nurture their own families, while still navigating relationships with their families of origin. Some of which may still be within very difficult circumstances.

At the same time, we have current-day LGTBQ youth who are trying to navigate their way as well and are at risk of becoming damaged adults themselves. Thus the cycle repeats. And that’s what we’re here to change.

  • The goal of the Pride & Joy Foundation is to break this vicious cycle. We believe that is most effectively accomplished through learning and integrating self-awareness.
    • Concurrently we have a large number of allies that truly want to help but lack the knowledge of how.
    • There are straight teachers who have huge ally potential but need to know words, phrases, and actions to use or avoid.
    • We have straight aunts, uncles, grandparents who want to be allies but have no idea how to be effective.
    • We have straight parents who want to teach their own children how to be allies but have no idea how to teach those concepts because no one taught them.

We truly believe the most effective and holistic way to help allies become stronger is through self-awareness. When self-awareness is built and sustained, safety for marginalized populations increases exponentially. Therefore the Pride and Joy Foundation has three pillars:

Community, Education, and Voice.

  • Community: We curate and nurture a virtual community that creates a sense of belonging, a place for straight parents of LGBTQ kids to offer support and information, a place for LGBTQ kids (ages 13+) to commune with others about the complexity of having straight parents, and a place for LGBTQ parents to navigate parenthood with straight kids. It is also a community for straight allies to offer support and strength while learning best practices. The community is a place where anyone who embraces the LGBTQ experience, as well as self-awareness, can belong, feel supported and grow.
  • Education: Find educational materials, resources, and goodies like mini-courses, a self-discovery journal, and guided meditations within.
  • Voice: Our founder Elena Joy offers speaking engagements for schools, organizations, and businesses who value the LGBTQ experience and want to learn more.

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